Optimizing farm resources and field operations through visual analytics provided by Hexagon’s Geospatial division agriculture solutions leads to precision and predictive decision making for agriculture managers.

What We Do

Connect Growers in Interactive Ways

Give growers access to cloud-based high resolution imagery, tools and maps to stay on top of their fields and operations.

Get the Biggest Yield

Grow with confidence and unearth the most specific information about crop health, density, and condition.

Stay On Top of Your Harvest

Perform field and crop inspections using real-time data and visualizations to create the best crop growth plan.

Our Technology In Action

Quick Answers for Crop Health

Protect your crops and ensure sustainable growth with Hexagon Geospatial's Agriculture Smart M.Apps.

Gain Insight into Crop Health

Pinpoint areas of vegetation that need attention by simply plugging in your data into this targeted app to identify healthy vegetation cover.

The Future of Farming is Here

Optimize resources and operations in real time by collecting, analyzing, and acting from data such as field samples, aerial imagery, and weather predictions.

Serving Imagery to 70,000 Farmers in Seconds

Learn how Hexagon Geospatial technology supports the Dutch Land Parcel Identification System, serving high resolution imagery.

Agricultural Monitoring

Lomonosov Moscow State University student investigates remote sensing services for precision agriculture using ERDAS IMAGINE.

Weather Insights at the Farm-Field Level

Discover how the Climate Smart Crop Smart M.App uses seasonal climate forecasts to develop crop protection strategies.

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