GeoMedia Smart Client

GeoMedia Smart Client is offered within the PLATFORM SUITE of the Power Portfolio.

Streamlined Workflows

Untangle users from non-essential tasks and focus their effort through highly-productive, map-based workflows.

Sophisticated Tools

Guide users through the execution of complex tasks, without compromising accuracy or productivity.

Versatile GIS

A single deployment supports an unlimited number of users in the office and the field, making this the perfect GIS for a smarter organization.

What's New in the Provider and Platform Suites

Find out what's new for 2017 in ERDAS APOLLO, GeoMedia Smart Client, WebGIS, and Mobile products.

Centralized and Integrated Asset Management

Learn how Mornington Peninsula Shire used GeoMedia Smart Client as a centralized asset management system.

Get GeoMedia Smart Client 2018!

GeoMedia Smart Client provides tools for building and delivering highly-constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field.