M.App Enterprise

Privately Hosted Platform for Smart M.Apps

M.App Enterprise


M.App Enterprise is an on-premises platform for creating geospatial apps for your organization. M.App Enterprise stores your imagery, vector and point cloud data, workflows, analytics, and queries, all accessible in one place from an easy-to-use user interface.

M.App Enterprise engages the "Monitor - Evaluate - Act" paradigm. The platform allows you to easily monitor real-world changes, evaluate the impact, and act on the results. M.App Enterprise delivers a privately-hosted solution for organizations that want to realize the value of a Smart M.App deployment while staying within the confines of their enterprise network.

With M.App Enterprise, you can access Smart M.Apps anywhere within your organization's network for real-time answers.

Smart M.Apps are simple to use, lightweight map applications that solve real business problems. They provide answers and present information in a visual and compelling way. Smart M.Apps revolutionize the way we envision, experience and communicate geographic information. These targeted, information services combine fresh geospatial content and workflows to deliver an interactive experience that includes a map and a dashboard of insightful analytics alongside it. These information dashboards allow decision makers to make smart decisions much quicker anywhere, anytime using standard computers, tablets or mobile devices. 


What's New

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PROMETEO is a satellite-based Fire Probability solution built with M.App Enterprise.

M.App Analyzer Suite

M.App Analyzer Suite

Build your own custom dynamic visualization to gain insight from your location-based data with the M.App Analyzer Suite.

HxGN Smart Census

HxGN Smart Census

Digitally survey your population using Hexagon's total Population and Housing Census (PHC) management and workflow solution.

Hexagon M.App Studio

M.App Studio

M.App Studio is an interactive, web-based workroom for designing, building and publishing Hexagon Smart M.Apps. It’s where all Smart M.Apps start.