Smart M.Apps by Category


Agriculture Smart M.Apps

Analyze remotely sensed data for a variety assessments, from crop stress to pest activity and fire zone mapping of your food and timber production areas.

Conservation Smart M.Apps

Ensuring proper assessment and management of Earth’s resources is key to environmental sustainability and smart use to prevent waste and loss.

Defense Smart M.Apps

Collect, analyze, and disseminate large volumes of data to establish the current situation and communicate it effectively to all constituents.

Education Smart M.Apps

Business and academic communities are inevitably intertwined. Our desktop and server software offers support and tools for academic research projects and teaching.

Finance Smart M.Apps

Discover how geospatial technologies can help you visualize data to assess financial risk, examine business opportunities, plan marketing research strategies, and forecast...

Government Smart M.Apps

Enabling governments across the globe to harness and transform raw data into actionable intelligence for efficient asset, infrastructure, property and emergency management...

Health Smart M.Apps

Geospatial technologies offer many benefits for the healthcare industry, including predictive analytics for strategic planning.

Property Appraisal Smart M.Apps

Use the proven power of the world's leading geospatial imagery analysis software to streamline field visits, achieve high-accuracy data collection, and enhance property...

Safety Smart M.Apps

Local governments, law enforcement, and other public safety agencies need access to real-time information to quickly identify threats and position resources to maintain...

Smart Cities Smart M.Apps

Smart Cities fuse geographic sensor data with business information, transforming domain knowledge and customer workflows into an intelligent information ecosystem, enabling...

Utilities Smart M.Apps

Ensure effective planning, management and operations of vast and sprawling assets, with comprehensive software capable of delivering real business intelligence.