Conservation Smart M.Apps


Discover your “neighborhood” and learn about spatial processes and environmental issues happening in your region or location playing this educational game.

Basic Change Detection

Facilitates finding changes between two images.

Burn Ratio Index

Provides a measure of the severity of fire damage by comparing the difference in reflectance of the near infrared and short wave infrared bands.

Green Space Analyser

View changes in urban green space versus growth of the built environment, offering unique insights into urban change, primary land use, infrastructure growth, and planning.

Heat Loss Probe

Classifies thermal aerial imagery and maps the heat loss. Encompasses the production chain: manipulates the images’ statistics, classifies and maps the result.

Iron Oxide Index

The Iron Oxide Index Smart M.App is an app that can be used to detect oxidized iron in rocks or soils.

M.App Analyzer Suite

Build your own custom dynamic visualization to gain insight from your location-based data with the M.App Analyzer Suite.

Slope Calculator

Calculate Slope and Aspect.

Time Series Visualizer

Provides a solution to visualize spatial-temporal time series imagery in user-defined Regions of Interest (ROIs).

Water Presence Index

This Smart M.App identifies the presence of standing water but is also capable of detecting moisture in soil.