Intergraph Computer Services - Romania


Company Profile

Intergraph Computer Services (ICS) has developed and implemented a wide range of geospatial solutions bringing together specialized knowledge, data and advanced technologies to generate actionable information in order to make wise operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

Intergraph Computer Services is committed to developing and providing complex geospatial solutions for a broad range of key industries. Public or private organizations can choose between tailored solutions or to buy turnkey specialized geospatial solutions that make sense from data and information in order to sustain decisions.

As a trusted and well established pioneer in the local geospatial market, building on solid engineering heritage and open standards architecture, ICS strives to understand the customer's domain, to identify their real needs, and to develop solutions having the biggest impact in daily activities using state-of-the-art technologies.

Areas Served

  • Romania
  • Republic of Moldova

Industries Served

  • Local and Central Public Administration
  • Public Safety
  • Utilities & Telco
  • Defence & Intelligence
  • Geomarketing
  • Research & Education

Areas of Expertise

  • Unique Authorized Distributor of Hexagon Geospatial in Romania and Republic of Moldova
  • Technology Developer for Hexagon
  • ICS solutions are trusted by thousands of organizations of all size and scope in Romania and Republic of Moldova
  • Center of excellence for knowledge generation, solutions, and applications for geoinformation management with experience in developing geospatial solutions
  • Developing long‐term relationships built upon the trust that comes from a common history of successes
  • By improving public services, ICS aims to improve quality of life for citizens and build models of data and information structuring to easily generate knowledge in organizations
  • Passion for innovation
  • Business is built on ethics and principles

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Agricultural Land Management Solution

ICS received an award for national implementation of 10 projects to develop a single information system for agricultural land management.

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