Analytics at Your Fingertips

Quickly visualize data in real-time uncover insights needed to make critical decisions.

Risk Assessment

Assess where risks can occur to properly calculate premiums and manage claims.

Location is Everything

Know where your customers are located and where there are business opportunities.

Geographic Representation of Field Research

This Smart M.App analyzes census data, age groups, and other data to compute the best part of the city to establish a new business.

GeoFarmer - A Monthly Crop Monitoring Tool

Analyzes growth stages of agriculture in near real-time. This app uses climatic data and satellite imagery to determine field-specific crop status.

Analyzing Seismic Risk for Insurance Policies

This Incident Analyzer View helps insurance companies quickly view seismic risk at hotel properties.

Smart Port

Shows worldwide statistics of vessels around ports and informs us about the economic scales associated with them.

Field Research Planner

Use the census data, select the survey area, and relevant statistical indicators to calculate representative sample size distributed per administrative units within the area.

The Map of the Future is Now!

Hexagon Smart M.Apps: Dynamic, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data.

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