Big Data

Combining multiple Big Data information feeds, maintaining source data formats, and processing data at industry-leading speeds are the keys to gaining the information insight that is critical for decision making and ultimately enables you to turn data into information, and information into insight.

What We Do

Slash Storage Costs

Reduce your storage and management costs with leading-edge data compression technology that reduces disk space requirements by 95%.

Harness the Data Deluge

Through smart data management strategies you can keep all of your data organized, while also making it accessible in desktop, mobile, and web applications.

Find It, See It, Understand It

Extract exactly what you need and use it in streamlined vertical market applications.

Our Technology In Action

ECW Outperforms Alternative Storage Formats

Find out why Enhanced Compression Wavelet is the best format for storing your terabyte or larger image files.

The Data They are a Changin'

Today’s data deluge makes it difficult to collect and make sense of relevant data. Fortunately, a 5D analytics approach can simplify data management.

The Power of Luciad and SAP HANA

Provide a geospatial view of unstructured data, allowing end users to easily navigate Big Data and see the trends and patterns hidden within it.

Futureproof Location Intelligence

Harnessing and analyzing data that continues to get bigger and bigger requires an innovative approach.

Access Free Data

GEOSYSTEMS Germany Managing Director Irmi Runkel discusses Sentinel Made Simple, a solution for downloading and processing Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data.

Cloud-Based Geospatial Data Hosting

Learn about big data challenges, and how cloud-based solutions make it simple to house, manage and distribute high volume geospatial data.

Reduce Storage Costs

Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage, access and share vast amounts of diverse data, while reducing your overall costs.

Visualize in Real Time

See how WebGIS solutions provide real-time data visualization.

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