National Mapping Agencies

Efficiently deliver mapping information for the entire country using Hexagon’s Geospatial division solutions, providing the authoritative spatial data infrastructure for your nation.

National Mapping Benefits
  • The full spectrum of map production, from sophisticated photogrammetric image rectification, exploitation, processing, and analysis to high quality cartographic production.
  • Efficient data storage and management for the mapping enterprise.
  • Online and offline digital distribution of mapping products ensures all constituents are able to access the maps needed to fulfill their mission.

Crafting Raw Data into Precision Map Products

Create valuable products through photogrammetric processing and data exploitation. Produce high quality cartographic map products. Maintain the rigorous cartographic standards established by your mapping history with today’s technology.

National Mapping Producer Suite

National Mapping Provider Suite
Providing Geographic Data for a Nation

Collect and maintain massive geographic information databases for the entire country. Efficiently deliver mapping information over wide areas from a central repository.

Map or App

Provide quick and easy access to existing mapping products. Empower users to generate their own products through web services.

National Mapping Platform Suite

Modernizing Mapping Operations in Kenya

Survey of Kenya employed Hexagon technology to digitize their mapping operations, including the mapping of resources to support conservation efforts.

National Mapping Agency of Morocco

Discover how the National Mapping Agency of Morocco (ANCFCC) implemented their complete geospatial data production solution.

Creating a Single Source of Truth

With the help of our compression solutions, GeoSpace International compressed and mosaicked terabytes of imagery into a single base map of South Africa.


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