Single Information Environment

Single Information Environment

Reducing Information Complexity

Delivered via an enterprise approach, our technologies operate across the full spectrum of operations enabling nations to focus on information and mission objectives.

Delivering Interoperability

Cloud-based solutions provide streamlined and reliable software management processes, more frequent technology update cycles, robust support for remote and mobile users, and reduced maintenance and support costs.

Breaking Down Silos

M.App X makes sharing information and tradecraft across departments easy by empowering enterprise architecture design and enabling smart decision making. The platform provides key information to the right people, at the right time.

Target Architecture for Best Practice

Delivering cloud-first technologies such as M.App X, we aid nations in leveraging industry best practice and design standards to help them move away from legacy applications and hosting.

Customers First with Open Standards

Designed for interoperability by using open protocols and open data formats. This helps us provide robust systems and services that harness the power of enterprise solutions for defense standards.

Expanding Technology as Defense Needs Grow

Always responsive to defense’s evolving needs, our solutions are focused, scaled, optimized to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

M.App Enterprise

Provide and share your own Smart M.Apps and enable your organization to dynamically address their location-based challenges.

M.App X

M.App X is an enterprise solution for System Integrators that provides tools for the exploitation of imagery and the creation of intelligence and reports.

Power Portfolio

The Power Portfolio organizes Hexagon Geospatial’s products into suites, combining the best photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and cartography technologies available.