Preventative Healthcare

Monitor the spread of illnesses, gain insight into possible susceptible areas, and determine plan of action for containment.

Living Well

Provide communities with healthier environments to maintain the well-being of citizens.

Trends in Healthcare

Understand the connections between changing demographics and healthcare. Aging populations will require different healthcare needs.

Combating West Nile Virus

Monterey County, California Health Department took pro-active steps to help address the threat of the West Nile virus in their community.

Age Demographics

Discover the relationship between employment/income levels and mortality trends in different areas of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Smart Emission M.App

Smart Emission M.App visualizes air quality sensor data combined with regional data to allow both citizens and government to jointly discuss urban planning issues.

Mind M.App

Researchers and epidemiologists can create maps of associations between entities to discover interesting patterns and hidden links to infer new knowledge.

aNoise Estimator

Estimates noise level at provided locations to enable informed decision making.

The Map of the Future is Now!

Hexagon Smart M.Apps: Dynamic, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data.

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