Local Government

Addressing Unique Needs of Local Governments

  • Provide up-to-date and error-free geospatial data in real time, to be validated by the appropriate supervisors and government officials.
  • Robust data organization and sharing massive amounts of geospatial data across government organizations by a centralized repository of data.
  • Business Workflow Optimization to utilize highly configurable workflows leveraging advanced geospatial functionality via intuitive, map-based tools.

Save Time and Money by Automating Data Production

Authoritative Image Exploitation to ingest, visualise, manipulate, analyse, and extract intelligence from satellite and airborne imagery, terrain, and point cloud data for image processing, photogrammetry and/or LiDAR workflows. 

Mining Producer Suite

Solutions Provider Suite
Centralised Data Inventory to Manage Assets More Effectively

Empowers local governments to create value added data and proliferate geospatial data among various organizations quickly and efficiently. 

Construct and Integrate Smart Workflows for Better Governance

3D Model Publishing to create and publish data products and spatial models that can be accessed and executed by field workers, urban/rural local bodies, and municipalities on demand.

Mining Platform Suite

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