Single Information Environment


Same Data, Different Views

Commanders need a classical Common Operational Picture with different layers displayed together easily; C2 experts need access to real-time data for battlefield operations; warfighters require robust mobile solutions in theater. From a single source of data, map producers can rapidly generate information products and disseminate them to all these users through advanced web services.

Open Standards Enable Collaboration

Adherence to open standards such as OGC enables the geospatial information exchange and increases the flow of data back and forth between the field and headquarters. It achieves intelligence analysis, situational awareness, and better decision-making.

Temporal Analysis with Intuitive "Time Sliders"

Easily compare between “then” and “now.” How has the enemy progressed? Has critical infrastructure been destroyed?  Incorporate 4D, the time dimension, to both your 2D and 3D data by using intuitive, visual “time sliders” within your data analysis.

Delivering Interoperability

Cloud-based solutions provide streamlined and reliable software management processes, more frequent technology update cycles, robust support for remote and mobile users, and reduced maintenance and support costs.

High Volume Data Management

Our raster and vector data management and delivery system lets you automatically search, catalog, and distribute immense volumes of data and metadata. It’s the fastest imagery serving platform on the market.