Optimize mine planning and operations with leading-edge solutions from Hexagon’s Geospatial division, ensuring maximum efficiency, safety, and output of rich resources.

Mining Benefits
  • Optimize mine planning and operations with leading-edge geospatial tools, ensuring maximum efficiency and output of rich resources.
  • From engineering to monitoring, employ powerful modeling and analytics to easily answer complex questions.
  • Automate specialized mining workflows so you can be productive from day one.

Dig Deep Into Your Data

Whether open pit or underground, see the mine as it really is by integrating imagery, LiDAR, radar, and GIS data into advanced analysis and powerful 3D visualization tools. Advanced modeling allows for solid planning, calculations, and understanding of environmental impacts.

Mining Producer Suite

Solutions Provider Suite
Blast Critical Information to Stakeholders

Make sure mine planning and operations stakeholders have access to the latest data, including professional-quality maps and business information. When everyone is connected and informed, mine operations go more smoothly.

Keep Data on the Surface

A tremendous amount of geospatial data is collected and analyzed in extractive industries. Give everyone the power to search and analyze that rich information from any application. Mine sites may be remote, so access to data in disconnected mode is key.

Mining Platform Suite

Detecting Fragile Ecosystems

Providing access to rich remote sensing information for mining and city planning.

Accessing Québec’s Mining Rights Records

The increase in mining activity has been an economic windfall for Québec province.

Excavate Your ROI

Geoimage helps customers gain unique insight into their business through the provision of specialized satellite imagery and related spatial services.

Hexagon Mining

Learn about specific Mine Planning, Mine Operations, or Mine Safety solutions from Hexagon Mining.

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