Disaster Management

In an emergency situation, response time is critical. Gaining rapid access to pre-event data, analyzing the current situation on the ground, identifying the most critical areas in need of attention and then communicating cross-agency to all responders ensures the best use of available resources in the recovery effort.

Disaster Management Benefits
  • Assess disaster situations in the field and collect information on the damage to assist in recovery operations.
  • An extensive repository enables multiple agencies to rapidly access and interactively work from a single source of truth.
  • View data related to disaster planning, response, and recovery in multiple contexts (e.g., desktop, web, mobile, 3D) for a fully coordinated interagency response.

Protect, Prepare and Respond

Proactively evaluate exposure by simulating the impact of storm events on critical facilities such as schools and hospitals before danger strikes. Plan evacuation and recovery response. Enhance existing planning efforts by combining late-breaking information to obtain a complete view of a changing situation.

Disaster Management Platform Suite

Disaster Management Producer Suite
Data for All

Develop a unified information source for better information sharing and coordination. Prevent inefficiencies, errors, and risks that arise when departments work with islands of data. Improve data distribution by easily organizing massive volumes of mission-critical data and quickly presenting it to first responders and relief agencies.

Crowd-Source Enablement

Enlist the masses to help define and locate issues during disasters, such as road damage, tornado appearances, issues at shelter locations, water leaks, and more. Field personnel can view the latest information in real-time with mobile tablet devices and respond appropriately.

Disaster Management Provider Suite

Emergency Communication

Hexagon Geospatial partner Emerge Systems builds next generation systems for effective disaster communication.

Improving Disaster Planning in Virginia Beach

The City of Virginia Beach was able to better respond to Super storm Sandy due to pre-storm analysis and preparation.

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