From Analog to Digital: Modernizing Operations for Mapping Needs with Survey of Kenya

Ranging from tropical forests and beaches to arid deserts and grasslands, the diverse landscape of the east African country of Kenya is a challenge to map. Survey of Kenya needed to modernize their way of mapping the area to keep up with the evolving capabilities of geospatial technology and better meet mapping needs to support operations and decision-making within their country. By adding a variety of photogrammetry, terrain editing, and remote sensing tools to support the photogrammetric operations, and implementing an online cataloging system to make their data more accessible, Survey of Kenya has improved both the speed and convenience of their mapping production.

Products: ERDAS APOLLOERDAS IMAGINE, IMAGINE AutoDTM, IMAGINE PhotogrammetryIMAGINE Terrain Editor, ORIMAStereo Analyst for ArcGIS, Terrain Editor for ArcGIS, Feature Assist for ArcGIS

Industries: Smart Nation, Conservation, Government