A Platform to Deliver GEOINT

One Platform for All Defense

Host differentiated business or mission-specific services that deliver open standards for collaboration across the organization or with coalition forces.

Real-Time Data and Intelligence

Fuse real-time weather, moving tracks, military, radar feeds, terrain, and other data sources. Connect to data in its original format so that it can be visualized and analyzed on the fly.

Cloud-Based Image Exploitation

Use our easy-to-manage tools for the exploitation of imagery and the creation of imagery-derived information products and reports for the GEOINT community, Systems Integrators, and end-users.

High-Volume Imagery Exploitation

Use Spatial Modeler to build your own geoprocessing solutions from the best photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, and cartography technologies available.

A Force Multiplier for Defense

Capitalize on our track record of delivering information capabilities that have dramatically increased operational and business efficiencies for defense around the world.

Operation Planning for NATO with Data Visualization

iGeoSIT delivers a Common Operating Picture accessible anywhere from a web browser.

Discover M.App X

M.App X is an enterprise solution for System Integrators that provides tools for the exploitation of imagery and the creation of intelligence and reports.

Build and share apps using M.App Enterprise

Provide and share your own Smart M.Apps and enable your organization to dynamically address their location-based challenges.

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