Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs


The Simplest and Fastest Track for Mastering Remote Sensing 

Remote Sensing Portal, which includes a flexible certification program, is an online learning portal designed to boost knowledge of remote sensing and satellite image processing topics.

Remote Sensing Portal offers:

  • 16 short courses, based on ERDAS IMAGINE software, including 94 video lectures, a question bank, and weekly online exams
  • 3 certificate programs
  • Availibilility in 2 languages, English and Arabic

For more information, contact Hexagon Geospatial Global Education Manager or contact BRS-Labs.

Free ERDAS IMAGINE Student Licenses

Hexagon Geospatial's partnership with BRS-Labs enables Remote Sensing Portal to offer free, up-to-date ERDAS IMAGINE software educational licenses to students, professors, and all professionals around the world during their online training period at Remote Sensing Portal.

How to Enroll

Visit the Remote Sensing Portal and click Enroll Now to purchase courses. Start learning immediately!


The free ERDAS IMAGINE software educational licenses will be offered globally to participants enrolled in the Remote Sensing Portal courses from BRS-Labs. Additionally, students must be from countries that uphold the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA") and any analogous legislation of other jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom's Bribery Act of 2010.