Partnering to cultivate leaders.


Define Your World by Mapping It

Hexagon Geospatial continues to pursue ways to work with researchers and academics to spread the incorporation of geospatial technology into global industries. Hexagon Geospatial aims to bring software vendors and academics together to collaborate on humanitarian efforts globally by partnering with organizations such as YouthMappers.

What Is YouthMappers?

YouthMappers is an international university consortium on Mapping for Resilience that aims to cultivate a generation of young leaders to create resilient communities and to define their world by mapping it. The consortium organizes a global community of learners, researchers, educators, and scholars to create and use open geographic data through web-based open geospatial technologies that directly address locally defined development challenges worldwide.

For more information, please visit the YouthMappers website.

Success Stories

The following list is a sampling of projects supported by YouthMappers.

  • Malaria Elimination
  • Flooding Resilience
  • Women and Children’s Health
  • Let Girls Map
  • AIDS Prevention
  • Hurricane Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Food Security

Benefits of Participation

Participating in this initiative provides students with tools to do more productive research on the development of spatial analytical methods and the opportunity to exchange these methods with their peers. YouthMappers leaders will notify our coordinator about specific projects already in progress or new projects that may require the use of our software. We will grant software licenses to approved applicants for the completion of their proposed projects. Approved applicants may request licenses or logins for the duration of the project. We are committed to the success of our students and the future of the geospatial industry.

Participants may work with software and capabilities including:

How to Apply

We accept applications for license grants from YouthMappers project leaders, professors, and instructors. Leaders can apply for a grant by contacting the Global Education Manager. Students interested in a grant should get in touch with their YouthMappers leaders for an application. Students at universities that are not yet affiliated with YouthMappers may visit the YouthMappers Onboarding page for more information about how to start a new chapter.

Each proposed mapping project will be evaluated by our coordinator. Upon approval of the project, the appropriate software solutions will be provided to aid in its completion.


The applicant must be enrolled as a student or a faculty member at an accredited university-level educational institution. If enrolled as a student, the applicant must be an active participant in an approved research program. The applicant’s area of study/research must be provided in the application, as must the contact information for the applicant’s faculty advisor.

  • The data may not be used commercially or shared with anyone who might use it commercially.
  • Applicants must agree to provide feedback in the form of an article, thesis, white paper, video testimonial, or social media outlet that Hexagon may use as a derivative to create collaterals for marketing purposes.