What We Do

Keep Travelers Safe

Model and analyze transportation networks to maintain peak operating conditions and minimize safety risks.

Manage Network Assets

Incorporate GPS collection and point cloud data to greatly enhance asset management abilities.

Streamline Information

Merge geospatial data, information technology, and business processes to develop workflows that promote transparency.

Our Technology In Action

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Truck Routes

With SafeHaul, oversize/overweight vehicles deliver on time using an automated permitting process and route planner.

Optimizing Light Rail Management

Our GeoTrAMS solution lets operators visualize all light rail infrastructure on a map, manage their assets, identify maintenance needs, and monitor performance in real time.

Transportation Safety Management Solutions

Import crash data; analyze and prioritize at-risk locations on the network for projects and state highway safety reporting

Bypassing Roadblocks

Outsourcing operations reduces personnel budgets but creates problems with access to data. This solution overcomes obstacles resulting from a distributed workforce.

Keeping Rail Assets on Track

Maintenance impacts every rail agency’s budget. Visualizing where assets are located can improve scheduling and reporting, provide insight into problem areas, and more.

Providing Instant Information

Integrating data from multiple databases is a challenge for large transportation agencies. A web-based single platform provides instant information on roadway status.

Managing Roadways Effectively

From data collection to visualization, transportation agencies use GeoMedia® Transportation Manager to efficiently analyze and maintain their infrastructure.

Traffic Impact Analysis

GeoMedia provides a number of powerful on-the-fly analytics that help you understand the stresses on road networks to optimize the flow of traffic.

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