Geospatial Insight

Company Profile

Geospatial Insight was established in 2012 by a team of highly experienced geospatial experts to address the gap in the market for delivering actionable business intelligence sourced from satellite imagery. Since then, Geospatial Insight has steadily grown, focusing on building strong foundations for the future, securing partnerships with a comprehensive network of global satellite, aerial, and UAV providers, developing new products, and securing a solid base of loyal clients.

As a Hexagon Geospatial Platinum Partner, Geospatial Insight provides localized technical support, training, and consultancy services focused on Power Portfolio® and M.App Portfolio® solutions. The team has a long history with Hexagon technology as well as extensive expertise in the remote sensing and geospatial industry, which allows them to develop specific solutions to meet their clients’ requirements.

Areas Served

  • Great Britain
  • Ireland and Northern Ireland - Educational users only

Industries Served

  • Defense
  • Academia
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government
  • Systems Integrators


Geospatial Insight is one of the leading providers of geospatial intelligence in the world, with proven expertise across the investment, insurance, and corporate sectors through ground-breaking alternative data solutions. These solutions augment traditional data analytics, enabling rapid response to major catastrophic events and fundamentally revolutionizing how insurers, investors, and markets make business decisions.

Hexagon Geospatial technology specialists at Geospatial Insight have extensive experience with Power Portfolio® and M.App Portfolio® technology and work alongside developers and data scientists to deliver tailor-made solutions for clients.