Intergraph Computer Services - Romania

Company Profile

Intergraph Computer Services (ICS) is a registered Romanian company headquartered in Bucharest. Since 1995, ICS has implemented a wide range of solutions that integrate data management, location intelligence, specialized workflows, and advanced technologies to generate actionable information to help their customers make wiser operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

Intergraph Computer Services is committed to developing complex geospatial solutions that combine data and information to enable effective decision-making for a broad range of key industries.

From being pioneers in the local geospatial market to becoming well-established experts with a solid engineering heritage that includes open standards, their main objective is to understand the customers’ real needs and by developing state‐of‐the‐art solutions that streamline their daily activities and solve their business problems.

Intergraph Computer Services is the geospatial solutions provider for more than 100 national, regional, and local government agencies, as well as utilities and telecommunications companies, and local administrations from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Areas Served

As a Hexagon Geospatial Platinum Partner, Intergraph Computer Services serves the following areas:

  • Romania
  • Republic of Moldova

Industries Served

  • Local and Central Public Administration
  • Public Safety
  • Utilities
  • Defense and Intelligence
  • Geomarketing
  • Research and Education
  • Smart City


  • Deployment and configuration of tailored vertical solutions based on Hexagon Geospatial or Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure technologies, depending on the customers’ requirements.
  • Installation, Configuration, and Development competencies with all technologies belonging to Power Portfolio®, Hexagon Smart M.App®, Public Safety, and G/Technology.
  • Configuration, implementation, and technical support for Hexagon PPM technologies.
  • Product Development Center for vertical solutions dedicated to local administration, government, utilities, and public safety deployed on a private cloud or on-premises.
  • Development services using programming languages like C#, C++, Java, .Net, Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Relational Databases Management Systems (common formats): development, administration, customer support.
  • Data and Information Management analysis and design for organizations.