Company Profile

The future of mapping depends on smart applications that translate the complex world into dynamic information and interactive infographics. The resulting insight can be used to respond adequately to changes in the world around us. IMAGEM brings that future to the present, giving meaning to the things that matter to help you gain control over your future.

The IMAGEM team are translators, and location intelligence is their domain. They translate data from the changing environment to enable data-driven decision making for end users. IMAGEM’s platform uses hybrid software technology to turn real-time data into useful information, through which self-learning algorithms can be used to deliver ever-improving predictions.

Areas Served

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Industries Served

  • Local Government / Municipalities
  • Water Boards
  • Regional / Provincial Government
  • Infrastructure - road and rail
  • Federal Government
  • Networks and Utilities
  • Defense and Intelligence Agencies
  • Environment and Agriculture
  • Police and Security Agencies

  • Expertise 

    At IMAGEM, the employees are a team of professionals dedicated to communicating location intelligence and visualizing change. They believe in contributing to the improvement of the world we all live in. Everything IMAGEM does is built on five basic principles that are also their core values – simplify, intelligence, locate, communicate, and accelerate.

    Helping to Build Smart Cities in the Netherlands

    IMAGEM is collaborating with National Smart City Living Lab to help local governments in the Netherlands add visual context to smart city development.