Company Profile

IMGS has been at the forefront of the geospatial industry since their founding in 2002. The organization has helped shape the geospatial landscape by empowering local and central government, utilities, telecommunications, national mapping, and defense customers to automate their data flows, visualize information, and power data insights to drive business value.  

With a widespread and varied national customer base, IMGS has headed several enterprise geospatial projects in Ireland. 

IMGS were innovators in the first rollout of the accessible public-facing GIS portals in local government.  

They are the market leader in Ireland for GIS systems in utilities and telecommunications, working closely with water, electric, telecommunications, and gas companies across the Island.  

IMGS supports national mapping customers in the collection of mapping data from orthographic imagery, photogrammetric data updates, and cartographic production.  

This wealth of knowledge and experience cultivated over the past two decades makes IMGS the ideal partner to support any organization in implementing a robust, cost-effective, and scalable geospatial solution.  

Areas Served

As a Hexagon Geospatial Platinum Partner, IMGS serves clients in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Industries Served

  • Local & Central Government  
  • Utilities & Telecommunication  
  • Defense & Geo-Intelligence  
  • Transport & Infrastructure   
  • Culture & Tourism  
  • Smart Cities   


  • Knowledgeable Data Specialists. The IMGS team comprises professionals from backgrounds in engineering, computer science, GIS, and project management. Their experts possess extensive experience with the life cycle of data from integration, manipulation, and validation through to visualization.   

  • Targeted and Comprehensive Solutions. The key to success for IMGS is clearly identifying their customers’ needs and delivering solutions that meet their requirements. 
  • Dependable Support Services. IMGS understands that delivering the solution is just the beginning and carries very little value if not backed up by top-class support.  The IMGS support service is second to none and is recommended by their customers.