Real-time Situational Awareness and Location Intelligence Platforms

Location Intelligence Platforms

Whether you’re building real-time situational awareness applications or interactive dashboards that power your daily operations, our platforms give you the tools you need to deliver custom experiences for your organization or customers.

The Luciad Portfolio gives developers the ability to unlock the potential of real-time location intelligence, while M.App Enterprise provides an enterprise platform for configuring Smart M.Apps, lightweight and dynamic location intelligence applications.


Develop a Solution

Create powerful applications with static, dynamic, and real-time data, including moving tracks, from any source for 2D and 3D visualization and analysis.

Configure a Solution

Combine content, business workflows, and geoprocessing into a single application to solve specific business and customer problems.

Enable Any Application

Whether smart sites, cities, or nations, our location intelligence platforms can support any application, from lightweight apps to enterprise-wide situation awareness systems.

Luciad ポートフォリオ


M.App Enterprise

M.App Enterpriseは、”Monitor - Evaluate – Act”のパラダイムに従って、組織のためのリアルタイムの地理空間アプリを作成するためのオンプレミス型プラットフォームです。

Google Maps Platform

Google Mapsのコンテンツと機能、ヘキサゴンのロケーションインテリジェンスの専門知識、最適化サービス、サポートを活用してビジネスを成長させましょう。