GeoMedia 3D

GeoMedia 3D is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio.

GIS / Point Cloud Integration

Display terrestrial point cloud data alongside the GIS data to open up a wealth of new opportunities for GIS analysis.

3D Viewshed Analysis

Where should security cameras be placed to maximize their field of view? Quickly quantify visible and hidden areas.

GeoMedia 3D - More Environmental Effects

Another step in the progression of a 3D environment that, although based in earth science, is approaching virtual reality.

Asset Management with GeoMedia 3D

Learn how GeoMedia 3D along with terrestrial point cloud data can be used together to improve your ability to accurately track location and condition of assets.

City Planning with GeoMedia 3D

Planning authorities can better understand the aesthetic nuances of introducing a new building into a city scape, or even updating the footprint of an existing building.