SafeHaul Transportation Solutions

Permitting and Routing of Oversize/Overweight Loads


Streamline Daily Operations

Eliminate the need for manual, time-consuming, and potentially error-prone permit route generation and approval processes for Oversize/Overweight vehicles.

Increase Revenue Growth

Permitting agents can expect to auto-approve between 70-75% of all permit applications, which saves a great deal of labor cost and and improves state revenue dramatically.

Save Time and Resources

By integrating all relevant data into a single application, delays from disconnected systems are removed, speeding up the processes for permitting, routing, and analysis.



Permitting and Routing Made Easy

With a modular, integrated approach to Oversize/Overweight permitting and routing, your agency can select only the capabilities it needs.

Safer Routes, Quicker Permitting in Washington DC

District officials implemented an automated system that prevents bridge strikes and other incidents that damage infrastructure and impact public safety.