Developer Solutions

Build Your Own Location Intelligence Applications and Solutions from our Proven Technology

Luciad Portfolio Developer Platform

A Dedicated Portal

The Luciad Developer Platform is home to developer guides, code snippets, technical articles, and more.

Public Developer Training

Become a power user of Luciad Portfolio with an introduction or advanced public training. Check our events page for upcoming training events.

Private Training Options

Schedule a private, tailored workshop training for members of your organization.

Lucy Test Drive

Based on our powerful LuciadLightspeed desktop solution, the Lucy Test Drive shows you the power and simplicity of Luciad Portfolio’s geospatial tools.

Try It Yourself!

Visualize the world's daily air traffic in 3D with LuciadRIA.

From the Developers

Catch up on technology, our products, and tips from our developers' point of view.

Developer Network for M.App Portfolio and Power Portfolio

Our Software, Your System

Gain access to developer tools, knowledge base, technical articles, and code samples to help convert your Smart M.App and Power Portfolio ideas to reality.


Free registration in the Hexagon Geospatial Community lets you view code samples, comment on articles, and participate in developer discussions.

Training Portal

Access eTraining, written tutorials, product documentation, support, and more to help you in your development journey.

Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network Subscription

A bundle providing access to Smart M.App development tools, and Power Portfolio Software Development Kits (SDKs), and developer environments for both portfolios.

M.App Studio Bundle

Everything you need to design, build, and publish Hexagon Smart M.Apps is in one place. Purchase separately or as part of HGDN Subscription Bundle.

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