How Data Fusion and Visual Analytics Improve Road Safety

Road safety management is a top priority for state and local governments, and agencies that have adopted Vision Zero strive to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries on the roads. To that end, Hexagon is designing a comprehensive safety management solution using several technologies and techniques that help officials improve roadway safety. The goal is to provide a modular, integrated platform, allowing users to fuse diverse data sources for effective safety analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Proper data fusion ensures that officials have a complete picture of the road network to correctly determine which locations are the most dangerous and implement appropriate countermeasures to improve safety. The ability to perform analysis and visualize results addresses important communication goals – successfully sharing safety metrics, targets, and proposals internally and externally are imperative for transportation analysts and engineers.

Hear first-hand from the South Carolina DOT about how teaming with Hexagon to modernize data fusion processes has significantly improved the department’s safety management workflow.