Incident Analyst

Incident Analyst is directly applicable to the issues being faced today by a wide range of agencies. Incident Analyst provides an intuitive, user friendly mapping environment for analyzing and understanding any type of event based information.

The mapping approaches and analytics used within Incident Analyst allow Law Enforcement Agencies, Utilities Companies, or Transportation Departments to analyze events such as Crimes, Response Times, Power Outage Locations, Accident Locations, or Traffic Flow.

With Incident Analyst, users can connect to any ODBC data source or use any combination of GeoMedia connections as input and, in turn, easily create a wide array of information reports.

The distribution of incidents across geography is not random, and the ability to delineate areas of abnormal frequency is extremely valuable. All incidents have both a temporal and positional characteristic. The results generated by Incident Analyst allow decision makers to target areas and effectively deploy resources. Once targeted, organizations can create intelligence products that detect spatial patterns to aid tactical analysis and response. Incident Analyst tools assist in identifying these areas. Understanding where incidents occur and comparing locations with other factors such as time, relative location to other geographic features, and offense statistics assist in defining areas of greatest concern. Incident Analyst allows easy access to incident details and uses simple techniques to perform this type of analysis.

Incident Analyst can display data as both simple and complex maps. Simple maps display the locations of individual incidents, and can be used to direct resources where they are needed most. Complex maps can be used by policy makers in public safety agencies to observe trends and track action in areas of high incident frequency.