Antaragrafik Systems


Company Profile

Established in 1995, Antaragrafik Systems is a wholly-owned Bumiputera company registered with the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia. Today, they are one of the leading technology solution providers and systems integrators in Malaysia within the Geospatial industry.

Antaragrafik is one of the biggest entities in Malaysia that focuses on the geospatial, airborne surveying, mapping, and utilities industries. The company provides comprehensive solutions that meet international standards and specialize in leading-edge information-technology solutions in a niche industry that encompasses the areas of geospatial information, business processes, and IT infrastructure. Their solutions are always tailored to best suit each client’s unique business needs and priorities.

With a solid track record of over two decades in implementing highly complex projects, Antaragrafik has accumulated a strong reference base from their trained professionals and clientele. Driven by the passion to excel in providing end-to-end surveying, mapping, and geospatial solutions, they take pride in placing their customers’ needs first.

Areas Served

As a Hexagon Geospatial Platinum Partner, Antaragrafik Systems serves clients in Malaysia.

Industries Served

  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)
  • Airborne Surveying
  • LiDAR Data Capturing and Processing
  • Mapping
  • Geomarketing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Utilities


  • Systems integration between various enterprise systems (such as ERM, EAI, and CRM) and GIS
  • Business process consultation
  • IT system architecture
  • Geospatial data migration from one system to another
  • Mission planning and aerial data capture using various sensors such as LiDAR and aerial mapping cameras
  • Geospatial data digitizing, analysis, and dissemination
  • Mobile field force automation
  • Cartography and map design