ECW - 2016 Product Release Details

Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) is a high-performance image-compression format designed specifically for geospatial imagery. ECW can reduce terabyte-sized imagery files to five percent of their original size, while retaining full visual quality. It delivers lightning-fast display performance and enables faster processing and transfer of imagery throughout an organization. The ECW Product line encompasses the ECWJP2 SDK, ECW Third-party Plugins and GeoCompressor.

2016 release updates include:

  • More than 3x performance improvement in GeoCompressor reduces bottlenecks in reading data. New, more accurate, performance counters help you understand where processing time is being spent. ECW 2016 Product Release
  • ECW Plugin for AutoCAD provides streaming of massive amounts of image data, plus new file formats, to AutoCAD users, presenting them with powerful new raster data handling capabilities.
  • Enhancements to ECW JPEG2000 SDK include performance optimizations, memory management, multi-threading and stability improvements, plus support for GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) v5 on Linux and Visual Studio 2015 on Windows.

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