GeoCompressor - 2018 Product Release Details


GeoCompressor is a stand-alone, high performance geospatial image and point cloud compression application designed to simplify the creation of ECW, JPEG2000 and HPC files.

Easier to create multiple output files from shapefile polygons

A new workflow is available for creating multiple output files that are clipped to a polygon selected from a shapefile.  For example, you can create an output file for each state or county, where a shapefile containing the polygons defining those states or counties is specified from either a single file or a virtual mosaic of many input files. Opacity channels are also generated from the selected polygons.

GeoCompressor - selecting polygons

More scaling/resampling flexibility

Output scaling/resampling to new cell size or pixel width and height is now available.

 GeoCompressor - clipping


More input and output options 

Input file band mappings are easier to specify. JPEG2000 can be customized to include progression order, quality layers, SOP/EPH markers, and tile and precinct dimensions. SRS output can now be specified as either GML or GeoJP2.


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