IMAGINE Expansion Pack

IMAGINE Expansion Pack is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio.

Streamlined Offering

One license unlocks a host of advanced tools from several former add-ons.

Greater Benefit

Support for 3D, NITF, DEM, stereo, and registration, all in one exceptional, value-added package.

Utmost Flexibility

Multiple ERDAS IMAGINE users can share the power of one Expansion Pack license.

Modernizing Mapping Operations in Kenya

Photogrammetry, terrain editing, and remote sensing tools plus an online cataloging system improve both speed and convenience of their mapping production at Survey of Kenya.

Change Detection

This white paper compares the differences between IMAGINE DeltaCue and IMAGINE Objective.

Expansion Pack Includes:

AutoSync, DeltaCue, NITF Support, StereoSAR DEM, VirtualGIS, OrthoRadar, and Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE.