WebGIS - 2016 Product Release Details

The WebGIS product family includes Geospatial Portal, GeoMedia® WebMap and Geospatial SDI.

Geospatial Portal is a ready-to-run, browser-based solution for finding, viewing, and querying geospatial data and web services in a single, intuitive map view. It is installed and configured on a web application server, enabling multiple users to access the site.

GeoMedia® WebMap is a fully-scalable server solution for building and deploying geospatial web services and websites. Create high-performance web applications, with real-time enterprise access and geospatial analysis, using the familiar tools in GeoMedia desktop as a publishing platform.

Geospatial SDI is an interoperable and scalable spatial data infrastructure designed for data providers that need to manage and serve secure or licensed information using standards-based web services. It ensures adherence to OGC, Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE), and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for web services and metadata compliance.

New features in WebGIS include:

  • Open Consumer Portal maps on iOS, Android and Windows – The new WebGIS Mobile app lets you easily open geolocalized maps using a server URL or QR code.
  • Beautiful maps, produced 24/7 - The modernized map server generates maps on the fly, unattended, and with improved label quality.
  • Display underground features in 3D - When viewing 3D data (3D objects) you can easily set the visibility of underground objects. Seamlessly adjust the visibility range from completely visible to completely invisible for underground objects.
  • View 3D scenes in first-person perspective mode – Viewing a city from the perspective of a pedestrian makes it easier for tourists and city planners alike to visualize geospatial information.
  • Included WebGL 3D Map Control – no plugin required - A 3D globe supports the display of a base map and renders other supported data sources properly. This WebGL technology renders 3D scenes by default. You also have the option of using the ERDAS APOLLO ECW 3D plugin on your computer.
  • Cast realistic shadows in Consumer Portal Layout - Using the Consumer Portal in 3D mode, you can see how the shadows cast by objects, at a given latitude and longitude, change during the day, and during the seasons.
  • Improved online documentation and new tutorials - Refined and updated documentation lets you explore all aspects of working with the product in a simplified way. In addition, a new Quick Guide chapter consists of several “A to Z” tutorials, which lead beginners through the entire process of preparing the most popular WebMap services.

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