Mobile MapWorks

Mobile MapWorks is offered within the PLATFORM SUITE of the Power Portfolio.

Field Data Capture

Tablet-based data Capture and update data on your tablet, empowering all types of field and site inspections workflows.

Open Architecture

Field updates become instantly available to any and all GIS platforms.

Configure to Task at Hand

Define permissions and configure your workflows based on specific tasks and requirements.

What's New in the Provider and Platform Suites

Find out what's new for 2017 in ERDAS APOLLO, GeoMedia Smart Client, WebGIS, and Mobile products.

Capturing Trees Geospatially

City of Baton Rouge GIS analysts utilize field-based capture of point data and attributes to document trees within public and right-of-way areas.

Mobile Field Workflows

Henry County Water Authority uses Mobile MapWorks to automate field-based workflows on mobile devices.