Mobile MapWorks - 2018 Product Release Details


mobile mapworks

Mobile MapWorks enables you to use your mobile tablet to update your GIS directly from the field. Downloadable as an iOS, Android™ and Windows app, field personnel can use Mobile MapWorks to view and edit feature attributes or make simple changes to feature geometry, given reference data overlays.  

Create device-responsive applications with Mobile MapWorks

Mobile MapWorks has improved usability and efficiency for data capture and editing, navigation, and use of the GPS in all workflows for devices with smaller screen sizes. These improvements mean that our application works perfectly with high-precision devices such as the Leica Zeno 20.


Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK is a rich toolkit for developers to create GIS touch-friendly mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The SDK extends the Mobile MapWorks product by allowing developers to create and brand their own geospatial and location-based apps.


Share your Mobile SDK application across platforms

Mobile SDK is now part of the same framework as WebGIS and M.App Foundation, providing a common API and configuration across all three product lines. Developers can easily implement functionality that spans the Mobile, WebMap, Smart M.App, and M.App Enterprise products.


Offline disconnected workflows easier, faster, and OGC compliant

Administering offline disconnected workflows is easier and faster with Mobile MapWorks and Mobile SDK implementation of the OGC standards GeoPackage, combining both vector and raster data into a single data store. 


What's New

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Mobile MapWorks unleashes tablet-based field inspection and editing.