Cloud-based Processing for Unmanned Aerial Systems

Streamlined UAS Application

Intelligent processing application for UAS data providers.

End to End Workflow

Rapidly manage data from the sensor into a processing workflow, ultimately resulting in highly informative and usable products.

Cloud-based Platform

Automatically ingest, process, and deliver UAS imagery and derivative products through Hexagon Geospatial’s cloud-based platform.

Introducing GeoApp.UAS

Accurate photogrammetric processing of UAS data in a lightweight app.

One-Stop Shop

Upload, store, process and share your UAS data.

Rapid Results

Stop processing UAS data and get back to flying.

UAV Data Processing and Storage on the Cloud

UAV Operators need a simple, reliable, and cost-effective means to manage and process the data they collect. Watch this Webcast to learn how Smart M.Apps can help.

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