Air Quality Readings

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

air quality


#MakeMyMApp submitted by the Planetek Italia. Source Data: Cagliari Open Data website. 




About the Incident Analyzer View

These two views show air quality readings and information in the city of Cagliari, Italy, for the years 2014 and 2015.

There are three monitoring stations: Colle Tuvixeddu, Donoratico and Crespellani classified in suburban (Colle Tuvixeddu) and urban (Donoratico and Crespellani). Use the pie chart to sort by one of the three monitoring stations, station type, station area, and area feature.

The main monitored pollutants are: inhalable dusts, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbone monoxide, and benzene. Each station monitors the listed pollutants daily.

You can compare readings for each day of the week, or select a date range.

In view #1, examine the concentrations of two sizes of Particulate Matter and nitrogen dioxide.

In view #2, examine the concentrations of ozone, carbon monoxide, and benzene.  


  • air quality monitoring station name - name of the monitoring station
  • station area - station areas are usually classified in urban, suburban, rural
  • station type - station types are usually classified in background, industrial, traffic
  • area feature - area features are usually classified in natural, residential
  • address - complete address (street, city, state, postal code)
  • metric: µg/Nm3 = microgram per cubic metre of monitored air
  • date - monitoring date, dd/mm/aaaa format
  • PM10 (aD) = inhalable dust with aerodynamic diameter average < 10 µm (Daily concentration average)
  • PM2,5 (aD) = inhalable dust with aerodynamic diameter average < 2,5 µm (Daily concentration average)
  • NO2 (max aH) = nitrogen dioxide (max Hourly concentration average)
  • NO2 (aD) = nitrogen dioxide (Daily concentration average)
  • O3 (max aH) =  ozone (max Hourly concentration average)
  • O3 (max ma8H) = ozone (mobile average calculated on 8 hours of the hourly concentration average)
  • CO (max ma8H) = carbon monoxide (mobile average calculated on 8 hours of the hourly concentration average)
  • C6H6 (aD) = benzene (Daily concentration average)
  • µm = micro meter
  • ·na = not available value

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Cagliari Air Quality 1 (PM, NO2)
Cagliari Air Quality 2 (O3, CO, C6H6)


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