M.Apping the Olympic Medalists Interactive Demo

A Map of the Olympic Medalists and their Hometowns

M.App the Medalists Incident Analyzer Demo




About the M.Apping the Medalists Incident Analyzer View

The Olympics are unique because in addition to showcasing some of the greatest athletic talent and skill in the world, they encourage those of us who aren’t high jumpers or fast swimmers to come together in support of our country of choice and to rally behind our favorite athletes.

To hang on to that feeling of unity when the games ended, we thought it would be neat to see a global spread of the athletes who came out on top and learn more about them.

This Incident Analyzer View shows each medalist mapped to their hometown, their sport, what medals they won (gold, silver, bronze), how many of each medal they won, their overall ranking and which country they represented in Rio.