Mind M.App – IGNITE First Place Winner

Tomasz Berezowski and WIZIPiSI – Poland

Graph Your Data on a Map

Build on your knowledge one object at a time. Drop icons on a map, add notes, and connect them to create a spatial mind map.

Leverage External Data Sources

Use state-of-the-art RDF technology to combine external data with what you know about a situation and make inferences.

Discover and Learn from Hidden Patterns

When you see your information spatially, you can draw inferences more reliably. See all your team’s data linked on the map.

Grand Prize Winner: Tomasz Berezowski

Get to know more about Tomasz, with the Wroclaw Institute in Poland, and the Smart M.App, Mind M.App.

See Mind M.App in Action

This demo shows how you can use Mind M.App to trace the connections in a criminal case.

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