M.App Analyzer Suite Demos

Try it out and see how easily Analyzer communicates dynamic information to stakeholders

air quality

Air Quality Readings

Examine the name, type, and location of various air monitoring stations, including breakdowns by day of the week over a two year period.


Hexagon Geospatial Partners

Hexagon Geospatial has partners all over the world. See what partners are located near you.                                                                     

Frank Zappa Concerts

Examine the date/time and location of every known Frank Zappa concert. Frank Zappa was an American musician who was widely known as a Rock guitarist but also performed and composed jazz, jazz fusion, orchestral, and musique concrete works. He also directed films and music videos and designed album covers. The Show dates are a combination of personal recollections and evidence like ticket stubs, concert posters, and newspaper articles.

Robbery statistics

Robbery Statistics

View characteristics of robbery incidents, including victim’s age and gender and breakdowns by time of day and day of the week over the last six years.

school enrollment

Kenya Primary School Enrollment

Student Enrollment in Primary School in Kenya - by County                                                                                                                                                                                    


India Pale Ale Breweries

Explore alcohol content and bitterness characteristics of the different styles of India Pale Ales brewed throughout the world.                                                      


Apartments by Price Range, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Find apartments in Sao Paulo based on selling price and other criteria.                                                                                                                                                 

residential buildings

Residential Buildings

View characteristics of residential buildings deployed in Sao Paulo from 1988 to 2013.                                                                                                                


District and Neighborhood Demographics

Explore the population distribution in Barcelona, Spain by gender and age.                                                                                                                   

land usage

Land Usage

View and analyze land usage for selected blocks in Barcelona’s districts.                                                                                                                               

Nationality distribution

Nationality Distribution

View population concentrations in Barcelona by district or neighborhood.                                                                                                                                

Population Distribution

See how different population groups are distributed across the city of Johannesburg. The charts reveal the relationship between employment/income and demographics within a census area (Small Area Layers).

Age Demographics

Age Demographics

Discover the relationship between employment/income levels and mortality trends in different areas of Johannesburg, South Africa.                                                                        

education demographics

Education Statistics

For different census areas (Small Area Layers)in Johannesburg, examine education levels and the corresponding employment rates, gender, and age demographics.

employment analysis

Employment Analysis

Explore how geographical location and education level are related to employment rates and income.                                                                                                        

M.App the Medalists Incident Analyzer Demo

M.Apping the Olympic Medalists Interactive Demo

This map includes every Rio Olympic medalist, where they are from and which country they represented in Rio.                                                                                    

Seismic Risk for Insurance

Insurance Seismic Risk Interactive Demo

This Incident Analyzer View helps insurance companies quickly view seismic risk at hotel properties.                                                                                         

NYC Water Quality

NYC Water Quality Interactive Demo

This Incident Analyzer View maps the spatial distribution of NYC water quality complaints over the last six years in the Five Boroughs.                                            

EPA Superfund Sites

EPA Superfund Sites Interactive Demo

This Incident Analyzer View maps the distribution and occurrence of sites requiring long-term hazardous material cleanup.                                                                        

Find patterns in outage response data

Outage Response Interactive Demo

This Incident Analyzer view demonstrates how utility companies can view outage response and priority data in a Smart M.App to identify trends and patterns.

Use this Incident analyzer view to dissect crime trends in Atlanta

Crime Trends in Atlanta Interactive Demo

This Incident Analyzer View helps you display and analyze a year's worth of crime trend data from the city of Atlanta.