Airbus Defense and Space

Our partnership with Airbus Defense and Space empowers the creation of smart applications that leverage both enhanced imagery and our software solutions. Airbus content is now available through the Hexagon Smart M.App platform, including new and archive very-high and high resolution optical imagery products from Pléiades (50cm) and SPOT (1.5m) satellites. Together with Airbus Defense and Space, we help you make sense of the dynamically changing world.

Imagery for Smart M.Apps

Choose from a large selection of 1.5m and 50cm imagery to drive your Smart M.App.

Airbus DS and Hexagon

Partnering to make sense of a dynamically changing world; seeking to connect and protect lives and shape smart change.

Fueling the Hexagon Smart M.App with Content Partnerships

Hexagon Geospatial is establishing partnerships with third party content providers for a wide variety of content types.

Helping Make Sense of the Dynamically Changing World

Knowing "what" isn't enough anymore. We need to know "when" and "where".

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