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Geospatial for the Future

Hexagon Geospatial is dedicated to the geospatial industry and investing in its future. In order to advance technology and continue growth, Hexagon Geospatial has partnered with the DigitalGlobe Foundation to provide academia with the appropriate software and high-accuracy, high-resolution satellite imagery to solve real world problems with innovation.

We will grant approved applicants licenses for software from both the Power Portfolio and the M.App Portfolio to complete their proposed projects. The software available ranges from remote sensing with ERDAS IMAGINE, GIS with GeoMedia, Photogrammetry with IMAGINE Photogrammetry or ImageStation, enterprise solutions with ERDAS APOLLO or GeoMedia WebMap and cloud based geospatial app building software with M.App Chest and M.App Studio. Approved students may request free licenses or logins for the duration of the project. We are committed to the success of our students and the future of the geospatial industry.

How to Apply

Please submit an application to the DigitalGlobe Foundation for imagery to complete a project.

Once approved, please fill out our application form.

We will review your application and work with you to determine the appropriate software solution and duration of the license. 


The applicant must be enrolled as a student or a faculty member at an accredited university-level educational institution. If enrolled as a student, the applicant must be an active participant in an accredited research program. The applicant’s area of study/research must be provided in the application, as must the contact information for the applicant’s faculty advisor.

  • The data may not be used commercially or shared with anyone who might use it commercially.
  • Applicants must agree to provide feedback in the form of an article, thesis or white paper, video testimonial, or social media outlets.

Learn How to Use M.App Studio to Create Smart M.Apps

Learn the basics of M.App Studio, learn the roles of its components, and learn how to create a Hexagon Smart M.App.