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What We Do

Hexagon Geospatial Vision

President Mladen Stojic shares Hexagon Geospatial’s vision - to enable users to deliver smart real-time location intelligence solutions.

What Is a Smart Solution?

President Mladen Stojic shows an example from Lufthansa – Lido, a flight planning solution that connects real-time weather data with dynamic flight information.

Smart Everywhere

President Mladen Stojic discusses Smart Nations, Smart Cities, and Smart Sites.

HxGN Smart Census

Hexagon Geospatial Chief Sales Officer, Christoph De Preter discusses how nations can easily acquire and benefit from reliable data during the Geospatial Keynote at HxGN LIVE 2018.

Achieving Smart Solutions

In this part of his keynote, Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic discusses the challenges to achieving smart solutions. In order to achieve a Smart Digital Reality, the following needs to be addressed: harnessing the abundance of data, operating inside, outside, above ground and underground, and the geo/ops challenge.

Driving The Digital Transformation

The Luciad portfolio provides Hexagon Geospatial with a highly performant GPU-accelerated engine that can support advanced visualization and analytics. Combined with ready-to-use Hexagon products, we are ready to bridge the divide between location and intelligence.

Battlefield Management

Chief Sales Officer, Christoph De Preter discusses location intelligence solutions that Hexagon Geospatial, together with our partners, have delivered to our user community around the globe today. 

Community Policing

Chief Sales Officer, Christoph De Preter discusses a community policing solution from Zeteky, called CloseWatch, where citizens can share and access information in real-time.

24/7 Plant Management

Chief Sales Officer, Christoph De Preter shares how BASF uses Luciad technology to provide seamless, safe, and connected operations for everyone.

People Flow Analytics

Chief Sales Officer, Christoph De Preter discusses an indoor positioning solution from BlooLoc that can be used for crowd control, safety, and analyzing people flow.

5D Location Intelligence

Hexagon Geospatial President Mladen Stojic introduces a concept that involves five dimensions of location intelligence needed to achieve a smart digital reality.

Putting Data to Work: Frequentis

The latest episode of our customer video series shows how Frequentis guarantees safe operations for air traffic worldwide.

Our Technology In Action

Aviation Flight Planning and Tracking

Sales Director for the DACH region, Wolfgang Richter shares how Lufthansa Systems provides an interactive, easy-to-understand tool with Lido, a solution built with Luciad’s powerful visualization platform.

Implementing HxGN Smart Census

Regional Channel Manager for Africa, Dean McCormick, discusses how Hexagon Geospatial has leveraged M.App Enterprise to deliver a census mapping solution.

Business Intelligence for Smart Cities

Regional Director, European VAR Channel, Armin Hoff discusses how Hexagon Geospatial helps cities harness business intelligence from raw data to enhance decision making.

Ensuring Mission Success in Real-Time

Vice President of Sales, IBERICS & LATAM, Jose Luis Peinado discusses how real-time data shared from command and control centers enables faster decision making and increased safety.

Smart City Real-Time Information for Public Safety

Sales Manager, Spain, Julio Lerena Fernandez shares how Hexagon helps local governments and law enforcement gain access to real-time location information to quickly identify threats and maintain safe communities.

Maritime Situational Awareness

Vice President of Sales, APAC, Dirk Wagemans shares how Hexagon provides real-time analytics and intelligence technology for complete situational awareness for maritime vessels.