Smart Everywhere

Bridging the Divide - Smart Digital Reality Part 3

In the third edition of the Geospatial Keynote series from HxGN LIVE 2018, we explore ways Hexagon Geospatial is working to bridge the divide between location and intelligence. In this segment, Mladen Stojic, President of Hexagon Geospatial, discusses Smart Nations, Smart Cities, and Smart Sites.

Smart Nation

Hexagon Geospatial provides Smart Nation solutions that allow national and international leaders to better defend and serve citizens. These solutions increase public safety and security, while also supporting a nation’s ability to protect the interests of its population.

Smart City

Hexagon Geospatial helps cities and municipalities organize and extract actionable information from their raw data to provide smart city solutions.

Smart Site

Smart Sites are secure, self-contained environments with a common need: connecting real-time sensor data with advanced analytics to visualize and ultimately provide information to support smart decisions.