State Agencies/Clearinghouse: How to Effectively Manage Geospatial Data

How to Effectively Manage Geospatial Data Webcast

Sensors are being deployed in increasing numbers. The geospatial data they generate is approaching new highs. State agencies and clearinghouses, who are in the business of remote sensing, image processing, GIS, and Information Technology (IT) are being challenged to find an effective way to deliver the value of all this new data to their constituents. The answer lies in data services. Data services that can expose the relevant data to state, local, and national governments, nonprofits, and private agencies, organizations, and businesses as well as the public.

In this webcast you will learn how the Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) develops, manages, and enhances the New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System (NM RGIS) Program and Clearinghouse.


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