What’s New in ImageStation 2016

Increased Productivity
ImageStation is the highest throughput, volume, and most advanced end-to-end photogrammetric production solution. The 2016 release is jam-packed with increased speed enhancements and provides virtually unlimited capacity. The new 64-bit bundle adjustment and a new storage structure in ImageStation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT) is able to load adjustment results 30x faster and use 3x less disk space. The new blockwise matching option added to ImageStation Automatic Elevations-Extended – reduces the amount of redundant coverage and can speed jobs by 3x or more. Image Formatter processes and Orthorectification are now 64-bit. DTM merge in ImageStation is faster than ever through merging multiple input files into a single output file.
GIS-based Feature Collection
Generate surface files more easily for all your photogrammetric, mapping, and engineering workflows with ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia. Improvements to GIS-based feature collection and editing in ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia make feature collection even easier. ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia and ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia combine to enable a complete GIS-based photogrammetric workflow.


ImageStation powers high volume photogrammetry and production mapping workflows.