Cleaner Cities with Smart Emissions

Watch this webcast on demand to see how the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands uses Hexagon Smart M.Apps to provide real-time information for citizens, industry and government through the Smart Emission Network. Measurements from emission sensors installed around Nijmegen are collected and displayed graphically, based on their location and over time. The Smart Emission Network, based on Smart M.App technology, marks a starting point for discussing measures in the public space, and in working together on air and noise pollution. With the information provided, the sensor readings bring high value and insight to the participants in this Smart City project.

Webcast highlights:
  • Gain a quick real-time view of the current situation in the city including traffic data.
  • See a real-time view of current temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality readings, and sound level readings in the city.
  • Find out about a specific situation in relation to other sensors in the city or in the city as a whole.
  • Drill down in the data for a specific sensor and see how the air quality has evolved over time and compare it to other related data in the same time period.

Smart Emission M.App – IGNITE Second Place Winner

Visualize sensor data and METEO data for both citizens and government, to facilitate urban planning around air and sound pollution.

IGNITE Winner Webcast Series

IGNITE challenged innovators to build a Hexagon Smart M.App to address real-world problems. Tune in to the IGNITE Winner Webcast Series to learn about the apps.