Data-Driven Decision Making for Transportation


To keep up with the need to improve road safety and operations, and increase accountability, transportation agencies should invest in improving their data management, and analytics capabilities. 

Hexagon Geospatial provides solutions to help streamline information flow, improve decision making, optimize operations, and enable effective network and asset management for transportation agencies. 

Webcast Highlights:

  • Open Data – Publish data within your agency, out to businesses, or to the public, including satellite and aerial imagery, feature data, CAD, spreadsheets, documents, and web services. Improve productivity, increase transparency and citizen engagement, reduce data silos, and make it easy to find data.
  • Location Business Intelligence – Visualize and analyze traffic patterns, road conditions, crashes, and projects to improve decision making and transparency. 

Transportation Solutions

Our solutions help streamline information flow, enhance planning, and enable effective network and asset management.